About Us

Welcome to Sepol

Our story began in 1952 when our founder, Seyfettin Polat, began working in a small factory in his early years. After spending 19 years in the traditional handcrafted shoemaking trade, his passion led him to found his own factory in 1971 in Istanbul, Turkey. Thanks to his refined craftsmanship, knowledge and use of high quality materials and Blake-Rapid construction, his reputation spread around Turkey and Europe.

When the second generation became involved in the business, SEPOL was formed and is known for sourcing high quality, handcrafted, fashionable, classic shoes for men who love to dress with timeless elegance.

Today, SEPOL is an esteemed brand that is currently selling in Germany, France, Switzerland, Africa, the UK, the Middle East and is now poised for great position in USA. 

Sepol, master shoemakers of handcrafted shoes.

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