4 Types of Dress Shoes Every Man Must Own

Any look can be transformed from plain to classy with the correct shoes. Dress shoes provide style to every ensemble, whether casual or formal. Ultimately, the best dress shoes for men combine style and functionality in one small package.

That said, men aspire to walk confidently, look classy, and be comfortable in their footwear at all times. However, not everyone knows how. A fashion faux pas would not be appropriate for a formal function. Even worse, you wouldn't want to spend an arm and a leg on shoes from the priciest apparel line just to have them become outdated in a few months. So, whether you already have a closet full or are just starting to build your collection of shoes, here are a few different types of dress shoes every man should own.

Dress Boots

Although the words "dress" and "boot" aren't often associated, they have gained quite a popularity over the past ten years. According to standard definitions, a dress boot is a shoe with a medium-to-low heel. Generally, it is similar to regular dress shoes but has an upper shaft between 4-6 inches.

Both the Oxford and the Derby designs are available as dress boots. Each of them will often include "speed hooks" for the top three or four eyelets, similar to many boots. However, the laces are the same width as formal shoes to maintain a sleek appearance.

Monk Straps

Dress shoes with "monk straps" fasten to the foot with buckles rather than strings using a leather strip across the vamp. Due to the lack of laces, it becomes an intriguing cross between a loafer and a derby (open system). Although the detailed history and nation of origin are unclear, the name hints at the earliest wearers of this shoe, who were probably medieval monks looking for sturdy footwear.

The number can vary as the buckle is the style's defining feature. Double and single monks are the most typical. Nonetheless, the latter is a little more formal than the former. On the other hand, triple monk straps are rear, although they're more likely to be on shoes with sporty lasts.


Loafers or "slip-ons" are dress shoes without laces. It often has a softer top design, but the rigid sole and low stacked heel set it apart from a shoe in the moccasin style.

There are different types of men's loafers and a few specialty variants. For example, the Tassel loafer is a dress shoe that replaces the vamp's traditional laces with a beautiful tassel. This dress shoe type made it into men's fashion soon after World War II. The tassel can be fastened and unfastened, but it is not intended to tighten or loosen your shoe.

An excellent example of this type of dress shoe is the Nice Woven Tassel Dark Green by Sepol. It has brown tassels with handcrafted details that you wouldn't find on any pair of loafers.


Oxfords are dress shoes that have a closed lacing system. In other words, the lace is threaded through once the eyelets are pierced into the shoe's quarter. As a result, the shoe has a sleek, sophisticated profile. Oxfords can be divided into four groups depending on their toe style: cap, plain, wingtip, and whole cut.

The leather cap surrounding the shoe's toe is a defining characteristic of the cap toe. Depending on the brand and shoe lasting, this cap may or may not cover the whole vamp. For example, a more aggressively-styled Oxford from a European manufacturer like Magnanni features a longer hat than an American-style Oxford.

However, if you're looking for the best pair of oxford dress shoes to add to your shoe collection, look no further than the Embassy Oxford Black by Sepol. It is made from partly printed and full-grain calf leather and has a cap-toe lace design.

Wrapping Up

You might already have all the suits, dress shirts, and ties a guy should have in his closet. However, your professional outfit won't be complete without the right type of dress shoes. Not to worry, as the list we've shared today will allow you to spruce up your shoe collection with the best types of dress shoes you can afford. 


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