Shoemaking Tradition - How the Turks Mastered it

From the Yemeni to the Terlik, Turkey is home to premium-quality shoemaking using leather. Turkish footwear is famous across the globe for its luxurious craftsmanship and excellent materials. Some of the best shoemakers and artisans can be found in Turkey or have Turkish roots, and the art of shoemaking is a valuable craft in the region. The most popular styles of Turkish footwear can be found in leather. Turkish leather footwear is one-of-a-kind, whether it be a traditional slipper or beautifully crafted men’s shoes.

To learn more specific details about the tradition, history, and types of Turkish footwear, keep reading!

What Is Terlik?

The Turkish people have a long legacy with the word “terlik,” which means slippers in Turkish. It is a highly useful item in any household and is used as an indoor slipper. Since there is a tradition of taking off your shoes when you are inside someone’s house, many people opt to wear indoor slippers to keep their homes clean and tidy. Many homes have extra pairs of terlik just in case guests arrive at their homes and need to be accommodated.

Although the Turkish terlik is not a highly known type of footwear in the world, it holds particular importance in the eyes of the Turkish people. History shows that terlik used to be included in Turkish bathing ceremonies as well as was a way to depict status and flaunt riches. Turks prefer to wear terlik most of the time and consider it a necessity whenever the climate permits it to be.

What Are Yemenis?

Yemenis are the most well-known kind of Turkish footwear. They have been crafted by male leather shoemakers in Turkey for almost 700 years. Turks mostly praise these shoes for their amazing quality of keeping feet well-ventilated yet warm when need be.

If you wear Yemenis in winter, you can easily keep your feet warm and protected. If you want to keep cool in summer, you can wear Yemenis to ventilate your feet. These men’s shoes can also help you prevent any excessive sweating and keep all sweat and grime from sticking to your footwear.

Even though Yemenis are thought to be worn by older adults, they are making a comeback as more youth begin to incorporate old fashion into their wardrobes. They have received a revamp in color and style and are now much more stylish than they used to be in the past.

The Shoemaking Tradition in Turkey

The most noticeable thing you will observe with Turkish footwear is that each piece has been crafted individually with care. Shoemaking is not an easy job and requires attention to detail and attentive thinking. Although many artisans have opted to choose a machine for speeding up the sewing process nowadays, Turkish handcrafted leather shoes are still some of the best you can find in the world.

Last Thoughts

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