3 Different Leather Footwear Every Man Must Buy

Shoes are an essential part of your outfit, and wearing the right shoes can totally transform your entire look. When it comes to buying the right shoes, leather shoes are always the most coveted. Leather is synonymous with class and luxury. Any man wearing leather shoes instantly looks elegant and ready for a formal event.

However, when it comes to leather footwear, there is a wide variety of shoes you can find in leather. Leather is a popular material for formal and trendy shoes, which is why a huge range of footwear is made using leather. If you are looking to invest in some leather shoes, it is first important to understand the various types and designs of shoes you can find in this material.

Hence, we decided to share this list featuring the different types of leather footwear for men and the best buys you can find this year.

Types of Leather Footwear for Men


Brogues are a popular type of dress shoes that are perceived as functional, utilitarian yet trendy, and stylish. Men earlier wore these shoes to help them cross muddy swamps and bogs – hence the tiny holes. However, now brogues are a lot more elevated in terms of style. They are considered the shoes to pair with a casual outfit as well as with formal attire. They come in a variety of styles and colors; typically, black and dark brown brogues are considered formal, while white, beige, and lighter brown brogues are best suited for a casual look.

Top Picks for brogues this year are:

Stylish, comfy, and affordable, these shoes are best for all occasions – no wonder they are super popular among men this year.

Perfect for fashion lovers, these brogues are unique and super trendy. They have a stylish blend of bright colors and classy designs.


An evergreen design of footwear is the most popular type of lace-up shoes a man can buy. Unlike other lace-up shoes with an open lacing system, Oxfords are characterized by their closed lacing, which gives them a snatched look. Oxfords are probably one of the oldest formal shoes for men, but over the years, the design has evolved – a lot. Shoes that were once just plain leather shoes are now available in a variety of designs, styles, and colors. Oxfords are every man's go-to shoes for a formal event, so you also need to invest in them.

Top Picks for Oxford this Year are:

Stylish black Oxford with an intricate design on the toe – these shoes are expensive and look luxurious as well. You need to add these to your wardrobe if you are a man with a great fashion sense.

These are plain shoes but don’t be mistaken – they are not any ordinary shoes. These oxford shoes are stylish and represent a minimal style. Not only that, but they are also a super affordable alternative to others available in the market.

These are the unique oxford shoes you will find in the market – and also the most stylish and good-looking. They are blue in color with a black ombre toe giving them a classy and rich look!

Leather Boots

High-top leather boots are perhaps the most popular leather shoes among men – as they look amazing on men of all ages. A pair of lace-up leather boots is a must-have in every man's wardrobe – in fact, you can also have more than one pair of these shoes. Whether they are in brown, black, or tan color – they look smart, sexy, and also super aesthetic.

Top Picks for Leather Boots this year:

A little on the pricier side, but these shoes are worth every dollar you spend on the hem. Made using high-quality leather, they are perfect for a shoe fanatic!

These shoes are in the perfect shade of brown, which makes them appropriate to pair with casual clothes, leather jackets, or even a pair of jeans. The most versatile pair of leather boots you will find this year!

Shop for Leather Footwear

Leather footwear is a class apart. No matter how many shoes you have in your wardrobe, if you don't have a pair of leather shoes, your shoe collection is incomplete. There are numerous types of leather shoes one can find in the market, but Oxfords, brogues, and high-top boots are classics you just can’t go wrong with!

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