How to Match Different Colored Leather Shoes with Your Pants

Do you remember the days when business attire was primarily associated with a plain suit and black leather shoes? While the business dress code is slightly more relaxed nowadays, the options, in terms of color and design, have increased.  

Now that you have more color options for shoes, matching your shoes with pants can be a bit difficult. You need to ensure that your leather shoes complement your outfit and make you look professional. 

Here are some simple tips on how to match different colored leather shoes to your pants:



If you opt for a navy blue suit, brown, burgundy, or black shoes go best with it. Navy blue works fine with all these three colors. The color blue convey responsibility, wisdom, and trust and has a calming and cooling effect on others.

The colors blue and brown, black, or burgundy work well together and adds to the soothing effect. If you are going to a formal business meeting, it’s best to stick to black shoes. On the other hand, if the environment is a bit flexible, you can opt for brown shoes while burgundy is more suitable for a creative environment.



Black and burgundy shoes have great compatibility with a charcoal suit. When adorning a charcoal suit, avoid wearing brown shoes as they do not go with it.

Both charcoal and brown are strong shades and may clash when combined together. Plain black shoes or burgundy shoes go best with a charcoal suit and stand out.



Nothing beats the sophistication and class grace of black. If you are planning to wear a plain black suit, black shoes are a suitable choice for it, especially if you have to attend a funeral or a strict business meeting.

However, you can make your black outfit stand out by pairing it with a pair of burgundy shoes.



Gray suits complement burgundy, brown, and black shoes. These suits are known to be a little less formal as compared to others, such as navy blue. Gray suits give off a more relaxed and casual look. That is why it is not recommended for a formal business setting because it is more inclined toward a casual look.



When wearing a brown suit, you can wear burgundy or brown shoes with them. Avoid wearing black shoes with a brown suit. Black and brown don’t blend well. With a brown suit, you can choose a darker shade of brown for the shoes to make them stand out.


Final Thoughts

We hope that after reading the blog, you have an idea of how to match different colored leather suits with your pants. Remember, whatever you decide to wear, make sure to wear it full confidence and have fun!



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