What Are Brogues? 2 Best Brogues from 2022 for Every Man

When talking about a pair of shoes that every man should have, it has to be brogues! Nothing beats the style of brogues; they are trendy, smart, and classy.

Pairing brogues with your outfit can add a touch of sophistication to your look, effortlessly elevating your style and grace.

So, if you are considering buying a new pair of shoes, why not give the brogues a chance? They can be your perfect companion for all kinds of events, semi-formal, formal and casual.

What Are Brogues?

These walking shoes made their presence in the 19th Century when farmers in Ireland and Scotland used to wear them. Brimming with versatility, these shoes are available in many colors and styles, which makes them suitable for many different occasions.

Mostbrogues are made of leather and have a small heel to them, which adds to their elegance. These shoes are typically used as dress shoes by men, while some versions of brogues are made for females. In some places, brogues are also known as wingtips.

The brogue is derived from the Gaelic word bróg, which means "shoe." It refers to a slightly heeled boot or loafer with some perforation on the upper side of the shoe (this is called broguing) and a serrated edge that is present on the shoe's seam.

The concept of brogues was taken from workers in the 19th Century who used to work outdoors and wore perforation shoes that helped protect them from rainwater or drainage holes.

There are many styles, shades, colors, and types of brogues -- some are full brogues, wingtips, quarter brogues, and semi-brogues.

Here are some brogues that you can buy to give your feet a little treat.

Boston Brogue Black

Find: https://www.sepolshoes.com/products/boston-brogue-black?_pos=1&_sid=049cce2ce&_ss=r&variant=28988792799306

Boston Brogue Black is something that you should definitely have! This pair has two layers of outsoles and has quite impressive manufacturing.

The first layer of the shoe is stitched to the upper, and the second layer is stitched with the first layer, which offers exceptional durability and reliability.

The shoes’ upper, lining, outsole, and insole are made from leather.

Claremont Brogue Blue-Navy

Find: https://www.sepolshoes.com/products/claremont-brogue-blue-navy?_pos=2&_sid=049cce2ce&_ss=r&variant=29017589743690

Make heads turn with this pair of super trendy brogues. A must-have pair of shoes, the upperupper, insole, lining, and outsole are all made from leather.

You can grab this pair to lift your style game and capture everyone’s attention.

Final Thoughts

Get in touch with your classy side by getting a pair of brogues for yourself. If you are getting  a new pair of shoes for yourself, make sure that you have at least one pair of brogues. They can help take your style to the next level and add a refined look to your personality.



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