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Why Are Leather Outsoles So Special

14 Jul 2022 0 Comments

 Many men dream of owning a luxurious and fashionable pair of leather shoes, but none consider genuinely investing in leather shoes featuring leather outsoles. Outsoles are the bottommost part of a pair of shoes that is in direct contact with the ground. Due to its direct connection to dirt, dust, and other abrasive materials, the outsoles must be made from a sturdy and strengthened material. 

Leather soles are one of the most exquisite additions a handcrafted pair of shoes has to offer. They are the ideal choice for showing off luxury, but many men find themselves wondering if they’re worth the hype. The answer to this question is: Yes!

Although modern materials may be much more robust than leather, the premium feel, comfortability, and elegance of leather shoes are unmatched. Every shoe artisan knows that once a man begins wearing handcrafted shoes with leather outsoles, there’s no going back.

To help you understand precisely what is so special about leather outsoles, we have listed its historical importance, benefits, and maintenance tips.

History of Leather Outsoles

Although modern footwear now mostly has soles made from synthetic leather or rubber, this wasn’t the case before World War I. Before the rubber sole was popular, most men’s shoes had leather outsoles. However, it was common knowledge that proper upkeep of leather outsoles was necessary to keep shoes in shape for durable wear. Water is one of the worst things you can expose leather to; therefore, it was and is advised not to wear a new pair of men’s shoes with leather outsoles in the rain.

Since these men’s shoes were not waterproof, they were not a viable option to wear in wet areas or when it was raining. However, these leather outsoles helped the British march on in World War I and even helped them survive in the muddy trenches.

Nowadays, leather outsoles can mostly be found in artisan shoes made for formal functions and parties. This protects them from exposure to harsh elements like water and abrasive sand, and keeps you looking sharp and charming.

Benefits of Leather Outsoles

Although leather is vulnerable to water and humidity, it is still one of the most durable materials used for shoemaking. When you begin using these shoes for men, they will automatically begin shaping themselves around your feet with use. This also makes for a much more comfortable experience and allows your feet to breathe and be supported. Leather outsoles can also make men’s shoes look enviably elegant and stylish. They are hand-stitched and crafted by shoemakers and artisans for a premium, luxurious finish.

Since leather is a natural material, it is highly sustainable to use it for shoes instead of synthetic materials. Even when you wear out your leather outsoles, you can opt to get them resoled with a different variety of leather for a sturdier feel and more elegant look.

How to Maintain Leather Outsoles

Maintaining leather outsoles is one of the trickiest parts of owning men’s shoes with leather outsoles. Some of the best maintenance tips for leather outsoles are:

  • Always dry your shoes using best practices when they get wet.
  • Use shoe trees to help the shoes maintain their shape.
  • Use leather protector sprays and products to guard the sole.
  • Always store shoes for men with leather outsoles in a shoe bag in a clean and dry environment.

Last Thoughts 

Leather outsoles can help you make an unforgettable impression at a cocktail party or stand out at any formal event. If you want premium-quality handcrafted men’s shoes with leather outsoles, you should check out Sepol Shoes. They have an extensive collection of top-of-the-line formal shoes with leather outsoles, crafted by artisans. Browse the entire selection by clicking here now!

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