Blake-Rapid Stitched Shoes for Your Next Wardrobe Update

When considering different types of shoe leathers, you might be wondering which component is most important in an excellent pair of shoes. The truth is that it is the overall construction of the shoe that matters, which is precisely why the leather used warrants due consideration. 

If you really think about it, what use is a pair of shoes made from the most expensive and finest leathers and the top artisans from across the globe if you have to toss it away because you are not able to re-sole it? Thankfully, top shoemakers would not construct such types of shoes. 

This is the reason why we are drafting this article – to look at one of the most popular construction methods i.e., Blake-Rapid stitched shoes. 

What Is the Blake-Rapid Shoe Construction Method?

The Blake-Rapid construction technique is an extension of the conventional Blake construction, using the Sutton Rapid outsole sewing machine that was developed by Jerry Mueller and Roy Sutton nearly a century later after Lyman Reed Blake developed his very first machine.

Moreover, the Rapid stitcher sped up the shoemaking process for artisans across the globe and this sewing machine is still the chosen outsole stitching technique for several shoe construction techniques, including the Goodyear construction. 

The innovation allows for an additional outsole to be inserted for additional durability and weatherproofing. Moreover, it also creates a chunkier and wider look than the conventional Blake construction. 

There are several similarities between the two and the conventional Blake. The same brands that opt for the Blake technique usually employ the Blake-Rapid construction as well, as it is an elevated version of the original. 

Understanding the Difference between Blake and Blake-Rapid Stitching

At the core, it is the same thing i.e., stitching through a sole to combine two pieces. Nevertheless, two distinct machines need to be chosen depending on their purpose. The Rapid stitching machine is typically used for stitching through a welt to bond an outsole to midsole along with an upper construction. All in all, the Rapid machine is fairly straightforward, just stronger than an ordinary stitching machine. 

On the other hand, Blake stitching is always performed inside the shoe, after lasting the upper and that the last is removed again. As the stitching is performed inside the shoe, the Blake stitching machine has an arm to facilitate the stitching. 

Top Blake-Rapid Stitched Shoes for Your Next Wardrobe Update 

At Sepol Shoes, we have a number of high-quality Blake-Rapid stitched men’s shoes. Here are some of our top picks. 

  1. Blake Folded Cap Toe Black

The Blake Folded Cap Toe is made using the Blake Rapid Construction method which has two layers of outsoles. These are few dress shoes as versatile and popular as the Blake Folded Cap Toe. You can wear them to an interview, to work, or to a fancy restaurant. In fact, you can even dress them down for a more casual outfit. 

  1. Blake Oxford

The Blake Oxford is another worthy mention in the lineup of luxury men’s shoes that is made using 

the Blake Rapid Construction. Even though these shoes might not be as formal as cap-toe Oxfords, they are a great option for a networking event or a night out on the town. 

  1. Vienna Blake Derby

The next pick on our list is the Vienna Blake Derby. These shoes are perfect for formal occasions and you can even wear them with a suit. 

Last Few Words

At Sepol Shoes, we have a range of Blake-Rapid stitched shoes that you can invest in to instantly upgrade your wardrobe! Make sure to check out our range to get your hands on some of the best luxury men’s shoes.
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