How to Make Your Leather Shoes Last Longer

Good and high-quality shoes are an investment for stylish men. If you are into fashion and have an eye for high-quality material for shoes, then you must know leather shoes are the epitome of class and quality. However, with quality shoes comes a bigger responsibility of taking proper care of them.

Leather is a high-maintenance material that requires a proper care regimen and regular attention to ensure they do not get worn out quickly. There is no doubt that leather is a highly durable material and easily lasts long, but they just need a little love and care to increase its longevity and remain fresh as new for years to come.

Most shoes that men have in their collection are leather, but most men are unaware of the proper protocols needed to take care of them; it is easy to neglect your shoes or forget to clean them often –but you can't keep this up with leather shoes. Leather shoes need to be treated with care which is why we are sharing these four tips to help take care of your leather shoes.

4 Tips to Treat Leather Shoes So They Last Longer

1.     Don’t Wear the Same Leather Shoes Every Day

We all have a pair of shoes very dear to us, but that doesn't mean you can wear them every day. If you love your favorite shoes, then the best way to show them love is not by wearing them every day but it is by taking care of them. Leather, just like your skin, needs to breathe.

Since men mostly wear a monochromatic outfit that matches their one pair of shoes, they are likely to wear the same shoes every day. This habit doesn't save money but ruins their shoes faster. Streaming, staining, and stretching are some common problems your everyday shoes can face, so avoid wearing them daily.

2.     Clean Them Regularly

Do not just take off your shoes and put them back in the cupboard the moment you enter your house – you need to clean them every time you wear them. If you place your shoes back in the cupboard with dirt and grime on them, the dirt will only build up and eat away the leather. Moreover, you cannot just clean them with anything. Keep a shoe brush or microfiber cloth and clean your shoes after every wear.

3.     Storage Is Key

Storing your shoes properly is also a part of your care routine for your shoes. You cannot just store your leather shoes anywhere; they need a safe and clean place with a simple space to keep them. Avoid stuffing them in small spaces; leather tends to crease faster. If there is humidity or wet space, then do not put your shoes there; it's best to keep leather shoes in an air-tight space.

If your shoes get wet by any chance, then stuff newspaper in them overnight to let them absorb moisture. Lastly, invest in a shoe tree which is a useful tool to keep in your leather shoe while storing them. This piece of cedar (or shoe tree) absorbs odor and moisture to help them last longer.

4.     Invest in High-Quality Leather

Not really a care tip but a tip for leather shoes in general: if you want your investment to last longer, then only invest in high-quality leather. You must already know that leather comes in various grades and qualities – the better the leather, the longer it will last. So don't buy cheap shoes just because they cost less –they will be worn out faster and cost you more money. Make a good one-time investment in high-quality leather.

Leather Shoes – High-Maintenance and Classy

Leather shoes are undoubtedly the most elegant shoes a man can wear, especially with formal attire. But despite their many qualities, they are high-maintenance and require proper care. If you have a pair of leather shoes you love dearly, follow these tips to make sure they last longer!

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