3 Smart Lace-Up Shoes from Sepol Shoes

It is estimated that 64% of women judge a man’s fashion sense by his shoes, while 54% of women judge his detail to attention (or lack thereof) from the same. Although many men don’t put a lot of thought into which lace-up shoes they wear at a wedding, party, or office event, there are plenty of people at the event who notice these seemingly minor details as it lends them insight into their personality. To make an impression at a formal event and dress sharply, you must purchase the best lace-up shoes according to your feet and style. Sepol Shoes offers a fantastic variety of lace-up shoes that can set you apart from the herd. With the different patterns and designs of these shoes, you can take a more personalized approach to dressing in casual and formal settings. 

Your fashion sense can help potential employers, partners, or friends learn a lot about your personality, preferences, and awareness regarding recent trends. Our experts at Sepol Shoes have listed down the three most impressive lace-up shoes you should consider buying for any upcoming occasion:

Embassy Oxford Black

If you aren’t a risk-taker and want to go for something stylish yet safe, these Embassy Oxford Black Shoes will be the ideal fit for you. With a part-printed leather design and handcrafted details, these shoes can be the perfect touch to a great suit. The best part about them is that they can be paired with patterned and classic suits. The Oxford cap toe adds a beautiful sophistication and the gloss of the full-grain calf leather is subtly attractive. 

The shoes also have an inner leather lining that keeps you comfortable for longer wear. The full leather insole is placed to adapt to your feet’s shape, which makes this pair of shoes great for regular wear. The shoes have a leather outsole, the mark of a genuine pair of handcrafted leather shoes. 

Livorno Black

If you are looking for a formal pair of leather shoes, you should check out the Livorno Woven Oxford shoes. These shoes by Sepol Shoes are incredibly modern and are built with breathable leather lining for comfortable wearing. If you are going to a summer wedding or a formal office event, these Livorno shoes can make your formal outfit look truly impressive. The woven pattern on the leather upper makes the design extremely memorable and appropriate for patterned and fun designs of suits. You can choose these fantastic shoes in the color Brandy to wear with tan and brown suits.

Skokie Lace-Up Brandy

The Skokie lace-up shoes have a fun design that can look great with casual suits and everyday suiting. Since there are exciting embossed sections of the design, these shoes can even make your dull formal jackets and suits look stunning. The shoes are made from full-grain leather and handcrafted details, making them look elegant and durable. Aside from that, Sepol Shoes puts the wearer’s comfort as the top priority; therefore, the vegetable tanned leather insole has been designed to be sweat absorbent and durable for years.

Wrapping Up

Once you have found a fitting yet comfortable pair of lace-up shoes, it is time to show them off to the world. Ensure that your leather shoes are clean and shiny before you wear them to the office or to an event. Moreover, be sure to polish them regularly to clear away any dust, and use a leather conditioner to keep them supple and fresh. 

If you are looking for high-quality lace-up shoes, you should check out Sepol Shoes. You can get everything from elegant handcrafted lace-up shoes to tuxedo shoes at our online store.

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