Buying Leather Shoes? Here Are 3 Ways to Check their Quality


If you are on the journey to get the best quality leather shoes for yourself, we are here to help you make the best possible decision.

Buying your first pair of leather shoes can be pretty challenging, to say the least. You put a lot of money into the shoes and do not want it to go in vain. So, you need to do your homework to make sure you choose the best piece.

How can you check the quality of your leather shoes? Here are a few ways to help you check the quality of leather shoes before buying them:


They Will Have Stitched Outsoles

When buying a pair of leather shoes, make sure that you check out their outsoles. Good leather shoes will always have the outsoles stitched rather than glued. So, that is one of the biggest giveaways of the quality of leather shoes.

Generally speaking, leather shoes have three types of construction:


Black Stitches Shoes

These have a single stitch that runs on the inner side of the shoe and is attached to the upper, outsole, and insole.


Goodyear Welting Shoes

In this, welt stitches are used, and they tend to hold the shoe’s insole, outsole, and upper parts together.

A welt is known as leather strip that is found on the outsole’s circumference. These types of shoes have two types of stitching done. One helps join the welt to the outsole and the upper, and the other joins the welt to the insole.


Cemented Shoes

Here, the shoe’s outsoles are stuck to the upper with glue, without any stitching process. Keep in mind, cemented shoes are known as the lowest quality shoes.


The Smell Is Pleasant And The Appearance Is Natural

When choosing leather shoes, you can tell that they are genuine leather by their smell. The smell of natural leather is an excellent indicator of its quality. The synthetic ones are pretty different than real leather.

Other than that, the shoe’s appearance is also a good sign of its quality. You will notice that genuine leather does have a natural and smooth look while synthetic leather shoes look pretty lifeless.

In addition, three grains affect the quality of leather shoes. Grain typically defines the layers of animal hide used in leather shoes.

The first one is full-grain leather –  in this type of leather, the shoes will have the upper layer without concealing and correcting.

The second one is top-grain leather, which goes through the process of sanding. This helps remove any imperfections in the shoes.

When the top layers are used for high-quality leather, the remainders will be known as genuine leather. They are treated chemically and also sanded, providing a smooth finish,


They Are Expensive

Leather shoes are generally expensive. The material used is of high quality, and the manufacturing is sophisticated, which contributes to the high price of the shoes.


End Note

The factors  mentioned above are a few factors that affect the quality of leather shoes and can help you differentiate between authentic and fake leather shoes. Find your perfect leather shoes with the help of these tips. Happy shopping!


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