6 Loafers, you need to check out at Sepol Shoes


Are you planning to get loafers for yourself? It is the best pair of shoes that you can get; something that is airy and manages to look sophisticated too! Get your hands on these beautiful pairs of loafers and get yourself back in style with them.

1.  Rimini Loafer Grey

Find: https://www.sepolshoes.com/products/rimini-loafer-grey?_pos=1&_sid=ee2645774&_ss=r&variant=39283420659844 

These slip-on loafers are a refined piece of footwear that can flatter your feet in the best possible manner. It bestows an energetic and regal vibe that elevates your fashion game and makes you look sophisticated and simply unique.

The loafers portray a sense of sophistication and artistry. The dark to medium grey effect is the perfect catch for the elegance f this show. It has an inconspicuously woven ribbon to carefully craft the smooth sides of the shoe. 

The glimmer of the burnished leather is present - this truly brings out a well-crafted and elegant vibe. The upper, lining, insole, and outsole are all made up of leather. This loafer has a slight cushioning on the heel too.

You can get yourself ready for exponential success with this beautiful loafer. 

2.  Soho Penny Loafer Black

Find: https://www.sepolshoes.com/products/soho-penny-loafer-black?_pos=1&_sid=63b2e5567&_ss=r&variant=39283935445124

This beautiful pair of loafers is made up of full-grain calf leather, and it is constituted of a lightweight material for the outsole. You can wear it with formal suiting. 

The upper, insole and lining are made of leather, while the outsole is some other lightweight material. This loafer has a slight cushioning on the heels too.

3.  Miami Loafer Burgundy 

Find: https://www.sepolshoes.com/products/miami-loafer-burgundy?_pos=1&_sid=543397261&_ss=r&variant=28937760833610

Sepol Miami Woven Loafer is a Summer essential of men's fashion. Woven leather with unique details defines a beautiful design.

  • Woven Leather Upper
  • Leather Lining
  • Leather Insole
  • Leather Outsole

4. Pascoli Loafer Tan

Find: https://www.sepolshoes.com/products/pascoli-loafer-tan?_pos=1&_sid=c5c4b26d8&_ss=r&variant=28937059270730

This is a very chic design which is the best for people who love tassels. The outsole is made with TPU-enhanced leather, which prevents you from slipping as well as protects the loafer from any abrasions. The insole is special vegetal tanned and performs highly in absorbing sweat. The upper part, lining, insole, and outsole are all made up of leather.

5.  Nice Woven Tassel Dark Green

Find: https://www.sepolshoes.com/collections/loafers/products/nice-woven-tassel-dark-green?variant=29018326073418

This pair of loafers encapsulated the beauty of dark green leather and was beautifully finished with handcrafted detailing.

The upper comprises leather and the insole, outsole, and lining. The loafer constitutes a slight cushion on the heel.

6.  London Slip On Tan

Find: https://www.sepolshoes.com/collections/loafers/products/london-slip-on-tan?variant=32306300682314

This is a buckled and very formal pair of loafers that are handcrafted for perfection. The full-grain calfskin gives it a shiny appearance, and the insole ensures it provides excellent sweat absorbance. The upper, lining, insole, and outsole are all made up of leather.

End Note

You can go check out these exquisite pieces of loafers now and get them for yourself. Give an aura of sophistication to your personality with this footwear.


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