5 Classic Loafers for a Vintage Look

Although the loafer's shape is very straightforward, its past is not. The origins of the slip-on shoe, a symbol of refinement and style, are the subject of several hypotheses. According to one account, King George VI of the United Kingdom, a client of Wildsmight shoe, commissioned Raymond Lewis Wildsmith to create the first loafer in 1926. Others claim that the penny loafer was invented about the same period and was first observed on a Norwegian fisherman's foot.

Whichever legend is true, the loafer and all its modifications today signify sophistication and comfort on the part of wearers. So, with that in mind, here is a list you classic loafers that help you pull off that vintage look.

Crockett and Jones Boston Loafers

Step straight into a pair of modern but classic loafers from the British heritage shoe brand Crockett and Jones that James Bond himself would approve of.

Of course, Bond needs something a little more practical than loafers to pull off all those action-packed scenes. However, these slick brown suede shoes are ideal for us commoners. Wear them with white pants and a navy tee while accessorizing with the timeless, essential Aviator sunglasses.

Sperry Victura Penny Loafers

Loafers are generally far more comfortable than other shoe types. So, if you want a slip-on to wear while staying comfortable at home, there is nothing better on the market than the Sperry Victura Penny Loafers. These shoes combine a well-cushioned, springy sole with the classic penny loafer style.

We advise pairing them with a blue blazer, a white oxford shirt, and a pair of slim olive chinos as part of a high-low ensemble because they walk the line (pun intended) between fancy and casual. On the other hand, are you trying to find a little additional comfort? You might want to think about pairing these with no-show socks.

Newton Penny Loafers

Suede loafers in traditional colors like grey or navy sound nice, right?! Newton Penny Loafers are no exception when it comes to timeless and vintage loafers. They include many thoughtful details, like flexible construction, soft suede uppers, and incredibly comfy rubber bottoms.

These classic loafers by Allen Edmonds are made with the same precise care as its robust dress shoes and boots. You can wear them with anything, such as slim black jeans, a white oxford shirt, or a blue or black cotton suit.

G.H. Bass Larson Weejuns

The first American company to invent a regional take on the slip-on was G.H. Bass in 1936 with Bass Weejuns. Because it is said that students used to insert a one-cent coin in the front slot of their shoes to use as a payphone, they are also known as the "original penny loafer."

These loafers by G.H. Bass are still among the brand's top sellers today and look well with both modern and vintage clothing. For a touch of devil-may-care attitude, pair them with a khaki chino suit or faded jeans and a gray t-shirt.

Sepol Navy Voyage Loafers

These Navy-colored Voyage Loafers from Sepol will keep your feet comfy whether you're heading on a date or to a crucial business meeting. After all, these classic loafers are made from handsewn upper leather, leather lining, and a cushioned insole, making the shoes feel light, flexible, and soft. They will withstand accidental scuffs and emit superior shine to make you appear professional.

Wrapping Up

We might be at our most comfortable when we slip on our coziest pair of slippers at home. However, you can quickly break up that mundane routine with some classic loafers. You read that right! If you feel like dressing up, we suggest donning a pair of loafers, which are shoes made specifically for guys who love to stay at home or go out for party nights.

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