4 Shoes that Go Well with Every Occasion

There is a time, place, and shoe for everything. However, the holidays are a great time to discover new things, gain new knowledge, and have experiences you never imagined before.

After all, winter 2022 is expected to be quite busy because so many all-day activities are coming up. So, you need an all-occasion shoe that can handle anything, from entering the church hall to strutting on the dance floor, from the morning commute to after-work cocktails, to street parties, the races, and more. With that in mind, here are a few shoes that go well with every occasion.

The Sneaker

Similar to the more traditional city shoes, sneakers have become a must-have clothing item. However, they also have the added benefit of being cozy and are easy to put on than your monks. The athletic and technical wardrobe is the boon of inspiration for athleisure or sportswear styles, which are increasingly appropriate for all situations.

They will instantly give your style a hip and contemporary edge and can be worn with anything from a casual suit to a pair of faded blue jeans. For example, Sepol's Cognac Madison Sneakers are all-rounders and go well with denim jeans and formal or informal suits.

The Loafer

Besides the traditional Derby and Oxford-style shoes, the men's Loafer provides excellent versatility for every occasion and season. While some people love wearing them during the summer seasons, their versatility as formal shoes and as well as their stylishly relaxed looks make them a must-have for every man and woman.

Moreover, Loafers are also available in different colors and styles, with Penny, Horsebit, and Tassel loafers being the three main types you can choose from. Of course, not everyone can afford a pair of Ferragamo or Gucci loafers. However, this is where Sepol's Loafer collection can save you a pretty penny. 

For example, Sepol's Black Soho Penny Loafers are a great option if you want something functional, versatile, and stylish. This shoe has a full leather insole that's lightly cushioned at the end to provide your heel with much-needed comfort. At the end of the day, the Loafer is an all-occasion shoe that both men and women must add to their shoe collection.

The Derby

Although the Derby is less formal than its cousins, the monk, and the oxford, there is a comfortable Derby shoe to fit any event, from more relaxed, casual occasions like work and parties to more formal ones like weddings and business meetings.

For example, neutral-colored Derbys go well with both blue jeans and a navy suit, making them a wise choice for hectic days where no hour is the same as the next.

On the other hand, wingtip brogues are usually stylish and give your outfit some individuality, no matter the occasion. Lastly, choose fully leather inside and padded footbeds for a comfortable fit that will shape to fit your feet. Ultimately, the Derby is an all-occasion shoe that every man must own.

Mid Height Mules

No matter what you pair them with, heeled mules look sophisticated because they achieve the right mix between dressy fashion and easy slip-on use. This simple design is adaptable; you can use it to spice up or bring down your most sophisticated clothes.

Choose a pair of leather shoes with padded footbeds for a timeless style you'll grab whenever the mood strikes. Pay close attention to the small details since woven or cushioned additions give this casual silhouette a fresh edge.

Wrapping Up

The term "casual footwear" might mean different things to different people. Some may consider heel sandals informal, whereas slip-on sneakers may be more appropriate. Whatever the case, your shoe collection must contain a few all-occasion shoes that go well with every outfit.

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