Building Your Sneaker Collection - 5 Sneakers Every Collector Should Own

These days, it's obvious that individuals are beginning to pay more attention to the shoes they wear. But one thing is for certain: everyone wants to wear the newest shoes, and if you're already a part of the scene, you already know how challenging it can be to get, thanks to high-profile partnerships, social media impact, and a variety of other factors.

However, before resellers and their robot check-out bots took over, people genuinely loved shoes for their history as well as their aesthetic appeal. Of course, Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball player, is one of the people most responsible for the development of the industry as it is today. So, if you've just started a sneaker collection, here are a few sneakers you need to own.

Nike Air Jordan 1

No sneaker collection will be complete without the Nike Air Jordan 1s. Created by Peter Moore in 1985, The Air Jordan 1s, Michael Jordan's first-ever signature basketball sneakers, are available in three distinct heights: Air Jordan 1 High, Air Jordan 1 Mid, and Air Jordan 1 Low.

The Highs are the most popular, and it might be difficult to get a pair since the Swoosh team, and Jordan Brand keep releasing exclusive colorways in limited numbers.

The "Banned" version, also known as the Jordan 1 "Bred," was the initial colorway and had a red, black, and white leather top with a white Air midsole unit below.

The moniker comes from the fable that Michael Jordan was fined after every game because the color of his sneakers violated uniform rules. The Air Jordan 1 High was followed by a few further variations, some of which have just been re-released.

Reebok Club C

The Nike Club C, which made its debut in 1985 under the moniker Reebok Club Champion, made a triumphant comeback to the sneaker world to mark its 35th birthday as Reebok Club C.

These are typically made with a soft leather top, a cushioned interior, and an old-school Reebok window box emblem to keep the model's vintage charm.

The ongoing partnership between Reebok and Maison Margiela, a French luxury design brand headed by John Galliano, is evidence that these sneakers are here to stay and should be a part of every sneaker collection.

Vans Old Skool

Although the Vans Old Skools are skateboarding shoes, that doesn't mean that's all they are intended for. These Vans sneakers have offered the general public flair and comfort since their 1977 debut and should be a part of every sneaker collection.

They are typically made of leather and canvas and have cushioned collars, reinforced toecaps, and the brand's characteristic waffle outsole for a secure grip on any surface. That said, The Old Skool was the first product from the California-born skate label, including the famous racing stripe on the sides.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Avoiding overhyped Nike and Adidas shoes is one of the best ways to call yourself a "sneakerhead." The high-cut lifestyle shoes have been there since the 1930s when they made their court debut. And your grandparents would agree that having a pair of vintage Converse in your sneaker collection is necessary.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars are still a top priority for the American shoe brand today. However, the Converse All-Star 70s, which has the same canvas construction but a stronger midsole and cushioning, receives more attention due to its throwback style.

Sepol White Kroko Sneakers

While Sepol has been around in the shoe industry since 1971, its sneakers have been subject to fame in recent years. However, that doesn't mean that their sneaker shouldn't be a part of your sneaker collection. For example, Sepol's White Kroko Sneakers are an excellent option if you want to add a more vintage-looking sneaker to your collection.

These sneakers come with a leather upper, a lightweight outsole for great flexibility, and a fully-cushioned leather insole for excellent comfort. However, the best thing about this pair of sneakers is that they only cost around 159.9 dollars.

Wrapping Up

This wraps up our list of the best sneakers every collection should own. That said, understanding these sneakers' origins and historical narratives is essential to the sneaker collection game. So, ensure you research the story attached to each one to make the right purchase decisions.

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