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Buying the Trendiest Pair of Lace-Ups from Sepol

31 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Lace-up shoes are good for ankle support and help provide stability to people. Hence, if you have foot problems, it is best that you wear lace-ups. 

Other than that, lace-ups add charm and beauty to your footwear collection, allowing you to elevate your style too. Here are a few lace-up options at Sepol that you can choose from.

1.     Skokie Lace-Up Black

Find here:

Whether you are opting for a casual or a formal look, the Skokie Lace-ups can complement both looks with its unique design. These shoes are made up of full grain calf that is combined with embossed leather, and the finishing is done with intricate handcrafting.

The insole is a special vegetable-tanned leather that adds to the shoe’s durability and sweat absorbency.

These lace-up shoes consist of a leather lining, leather upper, full leather insole, and leather outsole, and have light cushioning on the heels.

2.     Vienna Blake Derby Brown

Find here:

This shoe has a Blake Rapid Construction Design that is equipped with two different layers of leather outsoles.

It also boasts a unique construction with the first layer stitched with the upper while the second layer is stitched with the first layer, which creates a lasting product.  The design is based on the cap-toe style.

In this shoe, you will find a leather insole, leather outsole, leather lining, leather upper, stitched outsole, and a slight cushioning on the heel.

3.     Dublin Derby Navy-White

Find here: https://www,

Dublin is a shoe that you should get for special days – whether it is a wedding, your anniversary or your graduation day. It has a special vegetable-tanned leather insole that helps maximize the shoe’s durability and provides a high level of sweat absorbance.

It is equipped with a leather outsole and a leather insole, too. Dublin Derby has a Patent Leather Upper with a leather lining and a lightly cushioned heel.

4.     Clemente Lace-Up Burgundy

Find here:

Trendy and comfortable, this lace-up shoe from Sepol is for all the fashion enthusiasts out there. It has a Burgundy calfskin printed leather and a light shoe design.

If you want to be the trendsetter amidst the crowd, look no further than the lemente Lace-up shoes.

The Clemente Lace-up has a special vegetable tanned leather that provides the shoe with durability and sweat absorbency.

These lace-ups have a leather lining, light rubber outsole, leather insole, leather upper, and a slight cushioning on the heel.

5.     San Diego Lace-Up Black

Find here:

Elevate your style with sophistication and elegance with these lace-ups. It has a light outsole with full grain calfskin. This shoe is also equipped with special vegetable tanned leather to ensure maximum sweat absorbency and durability.

It has a leather lining, light rubber outsole, leather insole, leather upper, and a slight cushioning on the heel.

6.     Elegance Lace-Up Navy-Black

Find here:

If you have frequent night outs or special days are around the corner, the Elegance Lace-up Shoes may be a safe bet for you. These shoes have a glossy finish on natural leather, along with two colors that work together to give an attention-grabbing appearance. The shoes contain vegetable tanned leather insoles, too.

They consist of leather lining, leather insole, leather outsole, patent leather upper, and a slight cushioning on the heels.

Final Thoughts

These six lace-up shoes can be the perfect choice for you. See through the vast range of lace-up shoes at Sepol and get your favorite one now.

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