Styling with Handcrafted Shoes In 2022

In 2022, you can see a shift in the preference for footwear. People are more inclined towards handcrafted shoes and find them comfortable, elegant, and better to wear.

The Difference between Handcrafted and Handmade Shoes

While “handmade” and “handcrafted” seem similar, they are not the same.  Hence, the terminologies are often misinterpreted and misunderstood.

Handmade shoes are completely made by hand – yes, entirely. No machinery is used in manufacturing these shoes, making them unique and rare.

On the other hand, handcrafted shoes are the ones that are made by a mixture of the above process and hand-operated machinery.

Why Is Styling With Handcrafted Shoes Good?

Handcrafted shoes are a good styling option for your footwear for several reasons.

Vast Options

You may believe that the choices may be limited with handcrafted shoes, but they are not. Handcrafted shoes are available in various sizes, designs, varieties, and colors.

Provide Comfort

A significant advantage of these shoes is that they are soothing and helpful for people with foot-related problems, like flat feet. Handcrafted shoes help in providing comfort to the feet.

You can feel that regular shoes are often hard and uncomfortable. However, the handcrafted ones aim for comfort and style – a win-win situation.

Last Long

If you want your shoes to last long, you can choose handcrafted shoes instead of regular ones. Handcrafted shoes are made up of animal leather and other soft materials that make them durable.

Style Up With Handcrafted Shoes

Here are some handcrafted shoes options at Sepol that you can get.

Stilskko Sneaker Navy

This pair of sneakers resembles crocodile skin. You can see a playful color combination that merges around navy blue and royal blue and is hinted at with bold black trim. These shoes pop up due to their distinctive yet casual sense of style.

This shoe is handcrafted to provide comfort to your feet and can be worn for long hours. Whether you are up for a fitness activity or hanging out with friends, the pair can elevate your style.

This pair of sneakers has a leather lining, a leather insole, a leather upper, and a fully cushioned insole. The outsole is lightweight and manmade.

Embrace your style with these dramatic and sharp sneakers. They are perfect for adding a colorful zing to your footwear collection.


Nice Woven Tassel Dark Green

If you want loafers that are finished with handcrafted details, Nice Woven Tassel Dark Green is perfect for you. These loafers consist of leather lining, leather outsole, full leather insole, light cushioning on the heel, and leather upper, finished with handcrafted details.

The handcrafted details of the shoes work to enhance their look even more.


Embassy Oxford Black

If you want to opt for Oxfords, the Embassy Oxford Black can be a good choice. They are made with partly printed leather and full-grain calf. The shoes are finished with handcrafted detailing, which makes them even better. They consist of leather lining, leather upper, full leather insole, leather outsole, and light cushioning on the heel.

Final Thoughts

Get your handcrafted shoes now and elevate your style with them.


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