Signs You Need To Buy New Shoes

Shoes are essential for everyday activities. A good pair of shoes can allow you to perform your physical activities efficiently while boosting your personality.

If you think that it is time to toss the old shoes out, it probably is. However, a few signs thatcan help you make a final decision.

You Can Feel Pain in the Arches

When your shoes do not provide adequate support, they can tighten the tendons and muscles at the bottom of the foot.

The muscles and tendons keep the arches of the feet up to maintain support and balance. If you feel pain in the arches, you should consider getting a new pair of shoes.

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The Soles Are Worn Out

Keep tabs on the inside of the shoe and check if the soles are in top condition or not. Check the part outside the heel area to see if it has excessive wear. If it does, it can create problems for your feet and cause you pain.

Even if the outside of the shoes is in top condition, the inside can be problematic for your feet. Hence, you should make up your mind about getting a new pair of shoes.

You Can Feel the Previous Pain Returning

Can you feel the previous pain in your feet returning?

The most probable reason for this is your shoes. When the shoes are worn out, you can notice the old pains of the foot coming with them. 

It would help if you found a pair of shoes that is comfortable for you and allows you to walk without problems. 

Your Shoe Has a Hole

If you notice a large and ugly hole on the upper side of the shoes, you need to change yourshoes ASAP! Not just the upper side, shoes with a hole poking through them from any side do not look good. Toss the shoes out and get a new pair from Sepol.

You Have Been Wearing Them For Over A Year

If you have worn a pair of shoes often for one year, let go of it! Replace them so that the support and cushioning of the shoes can help comfort your heels and feet. 

Even if you have only been using that pair of shoes only 2-3 times per week, it is crucial to replace them. The cushioning and support in the shoe's midsole wear down naturally with time, even if it doesn't look like it.

Final Thoughts

If you see any of these things in your shoes, it is time to let go of your footwear and grab a new pair. Visit Sepol for a wide range of loafers, Oxfords, sneakers, etc.


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