Vintage Sneakers - How to Revive Your Worn Out Beauties


There is no better feeling than buying a new pair of men's shoes. Sadly, nothing feels worse than getting a beautiful pair of shoes dirty. Even though this is inevitable, the good news is that stains and dirt don’t last.

While some vintage sneakers do look good with some wear on them, no pair of sneakers looks nice with mud or other stains on them. Continue reading this article to discover how to revive your vintage sneakers.

How to Revive Your Worn-Out Vintage Sneakers

Here is a list of things you can do to bring your vintage sneakers back to life.

1.    Sink Scrub

A basic sink scrub can really change the look of your vintage sneakers. Start by putting a small amount of dishwashing detergent in your sink. Now fill it up with cold water till it gets bubbly. Make sure you don't put soap on the shoe directly, as the detergent dye can damage the color. You can use a brush with medium bristles to gently scrub your shoe.

Avoid immersing the shoe in water. If the shoe fails to dry properly, it is going to develop various problems such as sole separation and mold.

2.    Use a Leather Conditioner

If you think about it, leather is essentially skin. When skin gets dry, it starts to crack. The same thing happens with your shoes. Leather conditioning once in a while can restore the shine of the shoes and avoid cracking. One of the top brands of a leather conditioner is Lexol, originally designed to be used on car leather. You can use this a few times every year or whenever the leather starts looking dry.

When it comes to leather conditioners, less is always more. In fact, a dab is going to be more than enough. You can apply a small amount of conditioner on a white microfiber cloth. Rub it on the leather and let it sit for 2 to 3 minutes. You can use another dry cloth to buff it out.

3.    Paint Carefully and Cautiously

Your local retailer probably has an aisle filled with shoe whiteners that guarantee excellent results. However, we don't recommend you use these products on your vintage sneakers. The issue with shoe whitener is that it usually never matches the color of the shoe you are going to apply it on. Moreover, these whiteners aren't designed for various kinds of leather. This can make the final result look pretty bad.

One thing you can do is use Angelus - a paint brand particularly made for leather. The company has developed a range of colors and paints to work on a variety of shoes.

How to Keep Your Vintage Sneakers Clean

Now that you know how to revive your vintage sneakers let's look at some tricks you can use to keep them clean.

  • Tip #1 – Spot-check your shoes every time you get home. This might sound like a nuisance, but this will surely prevent your sneakers from reaching the point of no return.

  • Tip #2 – Clean stains as and when they appear on your shoes. Gunk, debris, and dirt are the easiest to get rid of immediately after they come in contact with your sneakers. Try to remove them instantly, even if it is just with some water and soap.

Wrapping Up

Following the tips mentioned above can surely revive your vintage sneakers. However, if your sneakers have reached the point of no return or if you're looking for a pair of luxury men's shoes, head over to Sepol Shoes. We have been selling high-quality, handmade men's shoes for many years. Our wide variety of models and styles are perfect for every occasion.

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